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    so... my morning started out great...

    but then I went on break...

    Sorry, do I know you? [...] So no. And I didn't ask you. Bye. [...] Oh my god, it's a stupid cigarette. Leave me alone. ... No, hold on, wait, y'know what's actually bad for me? Some dumb kid pretending they weren't taking pictures of me for the last ten minutes. You're an idiot. Don't you dare tell me how to live my life. Get your phone out out of my fucking face! Fuck you!

    TL;DR: MY FAVE WAS SUUUPER PROBLEMATIC TO MY FACE and will probably get cancer anyway sooooo yeah...

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    izzy instagrammed my fave movie! awwww yeah
    Except this is LITERALLY the saddest plotline in the whole thing ?! #getsnone
    IS THE NEW .

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    Do you think it's helpful, being related to your fellow band members?

    Isabel Siego: "A lot of people do that little goofy reaction around me where they say 'Oh man, good for you, wow, I could never, ever work with my family!' I know they mean it as a compliment, they're surprised we can get along on a professional level. But that's kind of assuming I'm in a band with my sisters because that's, like... our brand, our schtick, so to speak. That's not it at all. It was more of a no-duh decision on who I wanted to work with. I've noticed my friends usually refer to their band as their second family. I've played in other bands outside of Siego, and the nature of working together in the music world is collaboration, support, communication, getting along in the roughest situations... usually you earn that closeness of a 'second family' by braving the tours or spending hours and hours and hours in the studio together and getting to know each other so well. You have to click with people on a deep, personal level to have a successsful musical collaboration. I never thought for one second "Oh, y'know what could really sell out shows, a rad family band! Sister singers! Cool!" No way. Because to me every good band is a kind of family, and all strong female friends who support one another are a type of sister. It just made sense to play with Ari and Lo. I mean, on one level it's biological, and then we know each others' strengths and weaknesses already, and what makes each other laugh, so it's comfortable. We were always playing together growing up, there's a shorthand with us of how we communicate about music and what we value in a song, a performance. The chemistry is already there musically. So it has helped in that way, yeah."

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